In His Presence- Adversities

Read Matthew 17: 20

We love stories of those who overcome adversities that are as large as mountains. The suspense of watching for what we hope to see but have no proof it will come about. Like the story of David and Goliath. The odds were stacked against David. He was small, untrained in warfare, seen by his brothers as an unimportant keeper of sheep and the youngest of the sons of Jessie. Goliath was one of five brothers, standing nine feet and six inches tall, his armor weighing more than David, the entire Philistine nation was supporting him, he had a person with him just to carry his shield and he was a warrior proven in battle for years.

If you were one of the members of the Philistine army you would see the match up and believe this will be quick and decisive. If you were of the army of Israel you would be determining your route of escape after seeing the best champion you could field from your army was a runt.

We know how the story ends but when David stepped out on that field of battle, he did not know how it would end. It is the same way with you and I when we come face to face with adversities that are as large as mountains. God teaches us that faith is not seeing. Faith is knowing. Faith is not a blind leap. Faith is stepping where God steps to keep us from losing our way. Growing is not learning to see. Growing is learning to trust in what you do not see based upon what God has done for His glory in your past.

David had experienced other trials before he met Goliath. While keeping his father’s sheep David had already killed a lion and a bear. These events prepared David for his battle with Goliath. It is the same way with you. What have you allowed God to accomplish through you in the past to prepare you for the next mountain that is coming?