In His Presence- Sing

Read Psalm 96

Do you sing?  What kind of song is it that comes out of you if your spirit spoke rather than your mouth?  Would you describe it as being like rock music, because your out look is loudly verbal?  Would it be jazz because it is soulfully centered.  Maybe your music is more of the pop style because you are full of catchy lyrics that are popular.  Perhaps your spirit produces classical music because your focus is eloquence and timeless melodies.  Are you one of those who always sing the blues because you and Eeyore, (the donkey from Winnie the Pooh) see things in the same way?

Perhaps your soul does not have a song to sing.  Your focus has been on many things through out your life but the melody within has died off.  The only rejoicing you do now in your spirit is when something good happens to you or something bad happens to people you do not like?  Could it be your spirit lacks a tune because your focus in life has been on the things of this world rather than on the Creator of the world?

The joy within you instead of being a burning flame is more like the striking of a flint rock.  You spark from time to time but you have nothing internally to catch on fire.  All of your burning’s come from the external pleasures of life.  Having set your course on these external songs to provide you with the happiness you desire, the song once glowing from within has been quenched.  Just like a moth that flies closer and closer to the glow of the flame and eventually dies to all the beauty around it, so do those who have no joy to sing about.  The external focus consumes the moth just as it does us.

The songs listed in the first paragraph are all external songs.  You may internalize them but they are still external influences.  When was the last time you sang a new song to the Lord?  A gospel song of joy from your spirit?