Lessons from Proverbs: Warning against Immorality

Proverbs 5

A lifeguard told a mother to make her young son stop
peeing in the pool.
“Oh, what’s the big deal?” The mother replied “all kids
pee in the pool from time to time.”
“Oh really?” Asked the lifeguard.
“ From the diving board?”

Do you remember back in chapter 2 of Proverbs?
Solomon was teaching his son about wisdom and he warned
him against two enemies:

The evil man and,
The strange or adulteress woman.

Today we are going to do a deep dive into the wisdom that
God gives to help us avoid the adulteress woman.

Our text is found in Proverbs 5.
Let’s pray and ask God to speak to us as He always does and
reveal Himself to us through the reading and preaching of His

Proverbs 5:1-6

The first two verses serve as the intro into the topic of sexual

Notice Solomon writes of my wisdom and my understanding.
He has been given wisdom from God, he’s imparting it to his
son and to everyone who reads it. It’s God’s wisdom.

Then in the second verse it transitions to you may observe
and your lips may reserve knowledge

The concept is to see the value of wisdom and follow it.

Adultery is Dangerous

The warning here is Looks can be deceiving.
What seems sweet and delicious is not always what you think.

Have you ever seen those food pranks?
I’ve always wanted to do the one where you make an ice
cream sundae, but instead of ice cream you use mashed
potatoes, instead of hot fudge you use dark gravy and instead
of a cherry you use a cherry tomato.

Notice the description of the adulteress woman; her lips drip
honey and her speech is sweeter than oil.
Sounds great right? But when you spend your time with her,
you will not experience sweetness or joy, but rather just the
Those who spend their time in the arms of an adulteress will
taste the bitterness of wormwood and feel the pain of a two
edged sword.

Nothing good comes from living life contrary to God’s way.
The adultress is headed for death and Sheol.
She doesn’t care about God’s way. She does what she wants.

Keep in mind this is not just about women who seduce men.
There are also evil men in the world who do the same kinds of
evil things to get women to fall into sin.
The truth here is to avoid sexual immorality and live life the
way God designed.
Proverbs 5:7-14
Vv.7-8 again give a warning against sexual immorality
My sons, listen to me. Don’t depart from the words of my

Keep far from her
Do not go near the door of her house.
In the Hebrew this is a play on words.
The word for keep way is rahaq
The word for go near is qarah

Don’t get them confused.
Don’t go near. Stay away from the sinful woman.
Then we see a list of the
Consequences of Immorality

There are three consequences of sexual immorality

Wealth – when we act like we are married to people we aren’t
we may be forced to pay monetary consequences like child
support or alimony
Health – there are also diseases that can be passed between
people when they act like married people and they aren’t.
Reputation – Christians should be concerned with how the
world views us in regards to our testimony. We should not do
things that erode our witness to God and His kingdom.
The world views marriage as a contract that can be renewed
or discarded if the parties become discontent. Christians view
marriage as a covenant entered before God and their friends
that they will love and cherish their spouse until death do
them part. When we step out on our spouse we risk damage
to our Christian witness and our reputation as children of God.

Proverbs 5:15-19

Wisdom for Marriage

Enjoy the Unity
These verses point to God’s definition of marriage that was
established back in Genesis 2:24 “For this reason a man
shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his
wife; and they shall become one flesh.”

Husbands and wives are meant to be together forever, until
death do us part!
This reminds me of a passage of Scripture I speak at the end
of every wedding I preach. Mark 10:9 “What therefore God
has joined together, let no man separate.”
Wisdom tells us that man and wife should stay married and be
faithful to one another.

Sex is a gift from God that is meant to be enjoyed in marriage.

God gave us a natural desire for intimacy. Husbands and
wives should come together often to enjoy the gift that God
has given.
God designed marriage to be a joyous union, we can enjoy
being intimate with our marriage partner. It’s God’s plan and
His wisdom for marriage.
Enjoy being married and the benefits of being one with one

Proverbs 5:21

Here’s something we have to remember.

God Sees Everything

There’s nothing we can do, think or say that He doesn’t
He’s always paying attention.

Sometimes we think we can get away with sin in the cover of
We may be able to hide sexual sin from our spouses, families,
friends, but there is no hiding from God.
Remember when Adam and Eve tried to hide in the garden
after they sinned.
God knew exactly what they did and He knew exactly where
they were.
It’s no different with us.
He knows everything about us.

Luke 8:17 “For nothing is hidden that will not become
evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and
come to light.”
Our sin will always be found out and exposed.

Live according to God’s plan for marriage.

Proverbs 5:22-23

The Grip of Sin

God has given us wisdom to avoid sexual immorality.
His message is clear.
When we divert from His plan we risk getting entangled in sin.
Most people don’t realize how dangerous sin is.
The Bible says those who sin become slaves to sin.
We alway think we will be the exception to the rule.
I’ll just go this once. It won’t be that bad.
No one will ever know and I’ll never go back again.
Truth be told, each time we go it gets easier than the last.
Before we know it we don’t even feel bad about our sin.

Sin should grieve us just as it does God.

But here’s the good news this morning.
We serve a God of second chances.
Just like the father of the prodigal son who came running after
his son when he saw him walking home from a long way off.

God is there to welcome us back when we turn from our sins
and run to Him.
He alone can forgive us from our sin and break down the
bondange that ensalves us to our sin.
We just have to ask for His help.
He is always there to hear our prayers and forgive us of our


Examine your Relationships

Do your relationships honor God?
Are you being honest with your spouse?
Are you being honest with yourself?

God sees everything, He knows if you are hiding something.
He knows every act and thought you do and think.

Examine your Actions

Even if you aren’t married, God desires you to wait until
marriage to act like married people.
If you’ve crossed a line physically, take time to ask God to
forgive you and restore you in His sight.