Joshua: Preparing to Cross

Joshua 1:10-18

Meredith made rolls for dinner the other night. I asked her if
one of them was called, up yonder.
She said no.

I told her that when the roll was called up yonder to let me
know because I’ll be there!!

Today we will continue our series of Joshua.

A few weeks ago we looked at the first 9 verses of the book and saw that Joshua was God’s chosen person, he was following God’s plan and was surrounded by God’s presence.
We can see God’s hand throughout Joshua’s life and today we will see him following God’s orders.
Let’s take a look at our text.

Joshua 1:10-18

The first thing that we see here is that Joshua gives the officers 3 Commands.

Joshua Gives 3 Commands

Pass Through the Camp and Command your People

Joshua is giving his officers direct orders to go and tell their people to take action. It’s a foreshadowing of when they will actually pass through the Jordan river. He is definitely God’s person to lead the nation of Israel since Moses is dead. He has definitely heard from God and is passing the information on to them. He is taking charge in his new position.

Prepare Provisions for the Battle

Joshua tells them they have three days to prepare. That’s plenty of time to gather supplies, provisions and mentally prepare for the battle they are about to encounter.

Let’s contrast this with Moses leading Israel through the Red Sea.

They were backed up, they were fleeing their enemies on one side, sea on the other. It seemed there was no way out. There was no time to prepare, just time to trust God.

Now there is time. They can dwell on God’s promise and believe that He will see them through just as He promised.

Possess the Land

Joshua is going to lead Israel into the land that God had promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob so many years before. The land flowing with milk and honey. The land would be God’s gift to them. His perfect timing is finally here and Joshua is the one who would lead them into the land that God was giving them. Moses wasn’t able to lead them in because he disobeyed God, but Joshua would take them in.

Next, Joshua speaks to 2 ½ tribes and encourages them to remember these words of Moses.

It’s very similar to Moses’ words in Deuteronomy 3:18-20 “Then I commanded you at that time, sayin, ‘The Lord your God has given you this land to possess it; all you valiant men shall cross over armed before your brothers, the sons of Israel. But your wives and your little ones and your livestock (I know that you have much livestock) shall remain in your cities which I have given you, until the Lord gives rest to
your fellow countrymen as to you, and they also possess the land which the Lord your God will give them beyond the Jordan. Then you may return every man to his possession which I have given you.’”

God Will Give you Rest – there will be no more wandering. They are finally going to be in a place where they can rest and be secure.

God Will Give you the Land – there is no more waiting. God is finally delivering on His promise. It belongs to them. They will enjoy it and it will belong to them.

Be ready for Battle – Joshua describes them being arrayed for
battle. The Hebrew word means armed for battle and implies a position of 5 people standing firm. The point being, they will have to fight. God will give the victory, but they don’t just get it given to them. They have to do what God tells them to do.

Help Your Brothers – this is about unity. Some will fight, some will care for the livestock and children and women. The point is they all have a purpose and must work together to accomplish it.

Possess the Land – the ultimate promise will be fulfilled. After everything, they will settle in the exact land God had promised. They will live there. They will be safe and secure.

Israel’s Response to Joshua

3 Promises and a curse

All you Commanded we will Do!
Wherever You Send us we will Go!
Just as we Obeyed Moses, we will Obey you!

Anyone who rebels against you and doesn’t obey you, he will be put to death.

Here we see Israel acknowledging the transition of leadership from Moses to Joshua.
They acknowledge that he has been directed by God.
They can see God leading him, and as long as they continue to see it they will continue to follow him.

Notice Their-

Obedience – they verbally agreed to follow him.
They immediately followed him and vowed to punish those who disobeyed.

Encouragement – only may the Lord be with you as he was with Moses. They are praying for Joshua that God would continue to speak to him and guide him so that he could guide Israel.


What is our response to God this morning as we have studied this first chapter of Joshua?
While we might not have to fight like Joshua to receive the land God is promising us. We do have a battle on our hands.

Be Ready For Spiritual Battle

Ephesians 6 explains the fact that we are in spiritual warfare. The battle isn’t of flesh and blood, but against rulers and powers against the world forces of this darkness. Against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Make Preparations
So, Paul encourages us to put on the armor of God.
Stand firm in the strength of His might and be ready to fight.

He has given us every piece of armor we need to defend ourselves.
But we have to put it on and fight.

Make Prayers
Pray for strength and for God to strengthen fellow believers Be on the alert.
Ephesians 6:18