Read Mark 8: 16 – 18

We have all heard the question; which came first the chicken or the egg? While originally it may have been presented to determine a philosophical argument it has in recent centuries been used to debate against creation with a positive argument toward evolution since the existence of the chicken and the egg is not questioned but the position of priority is with the use of the words, “came” and “first.”

This question is found as far back as Aristotle (384 -322 B.C.). Aristotle concluded the chicken and the egg have always existed. In modern times Stephen Hawking who has an I.Q. approaching 200, put forth the argument that the egg came first. Hinduism and Buddhism teaches there is no first in eternity but life is cyclic, (a giant wheel) with no creation. Yet others will argue that chickens came from non-chickens through small changes in DNA over a long time span. Even others argue about what the definition of an egg or a chicken could be since we need to verify those points before we can answer the question. Popular Science Magazine and Parade Magazine support the egg first theory based upon the evolutionary thought process.

The popular view and the intellectual view all say they see and therefore it must be. Is seeing believing or is believing seeing? When you present the belief you hold where will you stand? Is truth found in the majority, the loudest argument or the intellectually superior thoughts? While the question over the chicken or the egg seems petty it has more to do with your faith then you know. Is your faith based on what you see and do you have to prove it to others for it to be true? Is your faith about you or God?