Read James 4: 13-17

You have heard of the saying, “first things first” well I want you to think about putting the first thing first. First of all how to determine what is first must be done first. Stop and look at all the things in your life. How did they get there and how did you determine they should come first? Did you sit down and make a list of things and determine these will be first or did it all happen by default. Make a list out and let us look at placing things in the proper order. The one primary thing that needs to be established at the beginning is things should never be first in your life. Another thing should be established is you should never be first in your life.

Let us see what God says for how you should determine the first thing. Did you read James 4: 13-17? You will not find the answer you are looking for here on this page. You must read the scriptures to find out the answers for your life. To make the first thing first you must read God’s word and allow the Holy Spirit to help you understand what you are reading so you can then adjust your life to word of God. Coming to church, sitting in Sunday School or in a pew does not make you a person after God’s heart nor does it give you the mind of Christ. Coming to church only makes you a bearer and displayer of cloth.

Are you a bearer of cloth or a worshipper of God? If you have not spent time everyday worshipping the Father, then what is first in your life? God does not need you to bring your cloth to church. God is not interested in your things. God is interested in you learning more about Him by building your relationship with Him. Bearing your cloth to church does not make you a worshipper of God any more than you standing in a garage makes you a car.