Read Matthew 14: 22-33

When you are traveling a road that is narrow you need to keep your eyes focused in front of you. It is easy to drift off a road when you are looking to the side or behind. The problem with drifting is you can easily step off the road you are traveling and get stuck in a ditch, wonder out to the middle of nowhere or end up upside down because you did not see an obstacle come up causing you to stumble and fall.

The difficult part about drifting is you do not believe you are drifting until you have gone to far. People who text and drive drift all the time. Some of these people believe they have it under control as long as it is not to much of a drift. They will tell you there is nothing wrong with drifting a little. Some Christians are like that. They drift from here to there and believe it is okay. They buy into the lie that drifting happens to everyone and since everyone is doing it God understands. They loose sight of the one who owns the road. In doing so they embrace the drifting around as a god unto itself. The determination is then made to help other enjoy a good drift. Thus the goal is no longer walking closer to God. The goal becomes the person who is walking and drifting.

We are referred to in the Bible as sojourners. Abram sojourned in the land, so did Isaac and Jacob. The nation of Israel do so as well. When you look at their wanderings you see they did not harm God with their disobedience in wandering from the truth but they did cause the death of many of their fellow brothers and sisters.

We have this shallow reverence for God when we drift around. We drift through the Bible when we read it. We drift around the Holy Spirit when He speaks to us. We drift around the teachings of Jesus as though we can take it or leave. All the while we are traveling on His road.