Read Galatians 6: 9 – 10

Have you ever lost something and spent endless hours looking for it? We will search and search for the lost item and become fraught over it. Sometimes we will go back over the steps we took before the item disappeared, in the hopes of finding it. Sometimes we will ask others if they have seen it. Sooner or later we end up losing our patience with the search and give up our hunt to retrieve the item. As a last desperate plea we offer up a prayer. If that does not work we give up hope. After all if God is not interested in helping us find what we were looking for it is hopeless.

When we lose our way in life we have a tendency to approach it in the same way. Something interferes with our plans and we are unable to get back on course to what we had laid out. Frustration sets in as we try to find our way. We go back over the events in our mind prior to losing our way in an effort to figure out what went wrong. We become despondent at our lost and in a last desperate plea we turn to God in prayer. When He does not answer our prayer we give up on Him and label it hopeless because God does not even care. We then accept the belief it was fate. It was just meant to be.

Patience and diligence go hand in hand. We do not want to be patient enough to stay diligent to the task nor do we want to be diligent in doing good because we lack the patience to wait on God to provide. We have a hard time seeking Him first and waiting upon Him to guide us. Instead we know what we need and plan for it. Then when God tries to get our attention we rebel against His insertion in our lives as interference rather than seeing it as equipping us to overcome the mountain before us. Is He Lord of your life or just a part time helper you employ?