Read Matthew 6: 19 – 21

Today as I awoke the sun rose above the horizon to usher in the new day. The sky is over cast and a direct view of the sun is not possible today. It is a cold December morning and almost all the leaves are gone from the trees. The squirrels are running around gathering acorns and burying them. Most of them they will never find again. Even though the squirrels are diligent in their course to store up acorns for a later retrieval they simply will not remember were they covered them over with the soil. They gather and bury their acorns, but beyond that they make no preparations to retrace their steps. No thoughts to mapping out their work to provide them a way to reclaim what they so diligently worked at to supply their needs. Yet they never lack for food. God provides even when they keep running over the vast treasure of food in the ground under their feet that they have hid from themselves.

We are similar in nature to the squirrels. The sun rises ever day above the horizon but we do not stop and appreciate what God provides for us. We simply bemoan the fact the sky is cloudy as we hurriedly go about our desires to gather things so we can put them away as though when we leave here it will matter how many toys we had. We fail to thank God for our daily bread, for forgiveness of our trespasses as we forgive others theirs, our homes, His watch care over us, His mercy and His Grace. Over the years we have scrambled feverishly to gathered these acorns and bury them under the soil of our existence never stopping to remember where our treasure lies.

When Christ came to the Earth as a baby people were running around to get the census done so they could get back to their normal busyness. We are no different today. We run around daily forgetting the treasure we have long since buried and hid from ourselves under our feet.